About Us

We, Serli Keçoğlu and Selvin Parunakyan,  started this journey in 2006. Our friend Natali Ohannesyan get us together when we were too much young. From then on she supported us all the time.

Serli Keçoğlu: My family was into arts therefore I become interested in arts while growing up. When I was a student I was always thinking about doing things about picture, sculpture and ceramics in brief I always wanted do something about art. Finally after I was graduated from Mimar Sinan University I started working at Artisan Fashion House.

Selvin Parunakyan: I was born in İstanbul. My family has worked in textile industry for three generation. Fabrics and colors was always a part of my life. I used to design dresses and bags for my dolls when I was a little girl but since I didn’t know how to sew I was using glue instead. I was always interested in fashion so I decided to get education in fashion. When I was graduated from high school I went to London to take courses at London Colloge Of Fashion and right after that I came back to İstanbul to study Fashion at Yeditepe University.